Zero Waste Alliance Ireland

Zero Waste Alliance Ireland (ZWAI) is a registered environmental charity and NGO, which operates remotely on a national basis, with members all over the country. ZWAI is a member of the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) and the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership. We receive funding from the Irish Government through the DCCAE. We were established in 2004, to focus on Zero Waste principles (whole lifecycle approach) where waste is seen as a resource. We believe the existing consumerist and wasteful economy and society cannot continue much longer in its present form, and that radical changes are urgently needed. At ZWAI we believe human communities should behave like natural ones. Living comfortably within the natural flow of energy from the sun and plants, producing no wastes which cannot be recycled back into the earth’s systems, and guided by new economic values which are in harmony with personal and ecological values. We are a small organisation composed of around 30 members. Our work is mostly policy oriented and our submissions can be viewed on our website below:

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Primary Environmental Justice Issue: Waste

Primary Area of Work: NGO

Location: Westmeath