EJNI Submission to the Citizens' Assembly on Rights of Nature: 'Rights of Nature in Ireland - Towards a living island of rights bearing communities'

A collaborative submission to Ireland's 2022 Citizens' Assembly on Biodiversity Loss, with contributions from academics, NGOs lawyers and campaigners from north and south of the border.

In this collaborative submission to Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity loss, we have gathered together various strands of the debate around Rights of Nature happening on the island and made recommendations about how the Citizens’ Assembly might integrate this important concept into its work. The submission identifies five central issues: potential constitutional change as a vehicle for Rights of Nature and the reciprocal, indivisible Right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment; the connection between biodiversity loss, culture and language; the intersection between Rights of Nature and property rights; and the potential for criminalising ecocide. On the basis of this discussion, we have also made 15 core recommendations for the consideration of the Citizens’ Assembly.

EJNI Submission to CA on Rights of Nature