Resisting Extractivism in the Sperrins

Date of publication: 2022 Creator: V'Cenza Cirefice   

A photovoice project in relation to extractivism in the Sperrins, Photovoice is a participatory research method that explores people’s experiences through sharing of photography and storytelling. While debates around extractivism are framed by the state or corporation, the voices of frontline communities are frequently absent. The extractive gaze of geological mapping and satellite technology makes nature and people invisible within empty landscapes ripe for taking. Marking out territories as mineral rich commodities rather than as living landscapes.

The photos in this booklet reverse the extractive gaze by foregrounding the unique perspectives, knowledges and experiences of those who resist on the ground. The photos and captions in this exhibition were shared in workshops during 2020 and 2021. The weavings of human and non- human lives in the photos speak to how we relate to the land and each other and the everyday elements of resistance. Themes that surface include, degrowth, care, solidarity and connection to the land and community. They speak to worlds that are possible despite extractivism.

Project funded by the Irish Research Council.